Printable Keyboard Cheat Sheet for Vivaldi Web Browser

Vivaldi web browser does offer a wealth of features and is a powerful competitor to Opera web browser. If you have been using Opera all your life, then you should try Vivaldi at least once  – you would end up either using only Vivaldi or using both Opera and Vivaldi on your computer. Just like other web browser for the desktop computers, Vivaldi also supports a number of keyboard shortcuts that make life easy for the everyday user. It even has a “keyboard cheat sheet” that you access using the hotkey Ctrl+F1.

But problem is that there is no option to print this keyboard cheat sheet on paper using your printer. What kind of cheat “sheet” is this if you cannot even print it? Perhaps Vivaldi developers have their reasons, but I could not wait for them to add this feature in the newer versions. I extracted the keyboard codes displayed in the keyboard cheat sheet using a number of tools, put them in a LibreOffice document and printed it on my old faithful Canon printer – all done under twenty minutes.

Printable Vivaldi Keyboard Cheat Sheet

If you also want to have your own printed copy of the keyboard cheat sheet for Vivaldi browser, then you can just download a PDF version of the cheat sheet from here : Afterwards, you can print it on any printer. The cheat sheet is made using a standard US Letter size document so that it can be printed on any standard office printer.

Printable Vivaldi Keyboard Cheat Sheet

I prepared this cheat sheet sheet for the version 1.15 of the Vivaldi web browser for Windows. It does not have the keyboard cheat sheet for the Mac version of the Vivaldi web browser. But you can easily replace Ctrl key with the Command key and all of the hotkeys will work the same as in Windows.

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this and share it with others.

    I am forced to use keystrokes and voice commands due to computer overuse of my hands. You really helped me.

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