Quickly Save Any Webpage as PDF in Opera Browser

There was a time when you needed a third-party virtual PDF printer in order to save any document as a PDF file in Windows. Then Microsoft started to included their own PDF printer in Windows 10, eliminating the need to install those third-party PDF printers. And now you don’t even need the virtual PDF printer of any kind if you are using the Opera web browser. In the new version of Opera web browser, you can save any webpage as a PDF file locally on your hard drive quickly in seconds.

In order to produce a PDF file from a webpage using the Opera web browser, you can simply right-click anywhere on that webpage and choose Save as PDF from the right-click menu that shows up. If you do not see this item, then either you are using an older version of Opera or you are right-clicking over an element on the webpage such as an image or video.

Save as PDF in Opera

As you choose a folder where the PDF file is to be saved, it will quickly generate a PDF file from the opened webpage. Depending on the complexity and length of the webpage it may take a shorter or longer time to create the PDF file. I tried to create the PDF from a lengthy ebook available on Project Gutenberg website and it took less than a second to create the PDF file.

Save as PDF in Opera

After the PDF file has been created, you will see a familiar “download complete” notification in Opera as if you have downloaded the PDF from the internet. You can open this PDF file using the default PDF viewer application in your PC. The generated PDF does not have any security restrictions and contains all the used fonts embedded in the PDF document itself ensuring that it will appear the same as the webpage.