Smart ID Scan : Check PC for Personal Information

When ordinary users think of cleaning their personal information from their computers, they often feel satisfied after cleaning the history of the web browsers and that of a few other applications like the email clients. But not many people know that your valuable personal information is stored in so many places all over the files stored in your Windows computer. If you want to find if your PC holds some of your secret or private information, you can use the freeware tool called Smart ID Scan.

Smart ID Scan is a small tool that can scan your PC and find out all the personal information that could be hiding in various places. It is able to deep scan the files stored on your PC for any traces of sensitive personal ID information such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, social security numbers, login credentials (usernames and passwords) and more. When it finds any files containing this sort of sensitive information, you are given options to securely delete (also called file shredding or file wiping) those files so that nobody can recover them in future.

Smart ID Scan

When you click on the ID Scan button in the main window of Smart ID Scan, you are shown a smaller window where you can add a number of search criteria for scanning your PC. You can choose to search for credit card numbers, bank account numbers, user IDs and more. You can add more than one search criteria. Finally, hitting the Scan button will start the scanning.

Smart ID Scan

The results are displayed very quickly as it does not scan all the folders on your PC – just the ones where there is a high probability of the information to be located. If it finds something, then you can right-click on it and choose to shred the file to eliminate all the traces of the file.

Smart ID Scan

Conclusion: Smart ID Scan is a free privacy tool that can find your personal information stored in your PC that cannot be otherwise found. In addition to find your personal information, it can also shred the files containing such information.

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