Classic Start : Slim Start Menu with Numerous Customizations

About half a year ago, the developer of the legendary Start Menu replacement software – Classic Shell announced that he can no longer work on Classic Shell as he just cannot find any time. So he did the next best thing – he released the source code for anyone who would want to continue the development, use the code for another project or fork the project. As it came to pass, someone has forked the Classic Shell project and created a new project called Classic Start.

Classic Start is exactly like the Classic Shell – perhaps the only difference is that it now contains fixes and updates to work with the newer versions of Windows 10. At the moment of writing this, the developers of Classic Start have released a new version of Classic Start that works with the latest version of the Windows 10 Insiders Preview edition.

Classic Start

As already mentioned, it works just like Classic Shell. All the elements are there – classic start menu, classic Windows Explorer, classic Internet Explorer and the update. You can make a selection which of these you want to install during the setup. Obviously, you must install Classic Start Menu during the setup – you cannot deselect it.

After the setup it displays the big configuration window from where you can select which style of Start Menu you want – Classic (before Windows XP), Classic with two columns (Windows XP and Vista) or Windows 7 style (most popular). You can also choose a skin for the Start Menu and a number of other settings.

Classic Start

Classic Shell has been the most popular replacement for Windows Start Menu. And now that the development of the Classic Start project has started, Windows 10 users can once again rely on the highly configurable Start Menu replacement.

You can download Classic Start from