Sniptool : Portable Screenshot Program with Annotation Tools

If you have to take a screenshot in Windows then the simplest way is to use the in-built PrintScreen hotkey that simply copies whatever is being displayed on the screen to the clipboard. After this you can paste the contents of the clipboard to any image editor of your choice. But there are some other software like Sniptool that can make things much easier by combining screenshot capture and annotation tools in the same package.

Sniptool is a small portable screen capture program that packs all the most desired annotation tools like text, geometric figures, arrows, pixelation or blurring tool and more. The software is merely 400 kilobytes in size and still can compete with the likes of SnagIt and Hypersnap. Since there is no installation required for Sniptool to work, you can copy it to any USB pendrive and use it on any Windows computer.


It offers rectangular region capture or free hand selected region capture both of which are available in the toolbar on the top-left. Once the screenshot is taken, it is displayed inside the Sniptool window ready to be edited. You can combine more than one screen grabs into the same canvas. All the annotation tools are available from the top or bottom toolbars – add text, pixelation, pen, highlighter, rectangles, lines, circles, arrows, numbers and more.


When you are ready you can click on the diskette icon to save the screenshot. Sniptool can save the screenshot to your hard drive in either the PNG file format or the JPEG file format. In the settings, you can choose the size of selection rectangle when you pick the pixelation or blurring tool. You can also set whether you want to use single snip feature as opposed to combining multiple captures in the same canvas.

You can download Sniptool from