YouCompress : Compress Video, Audio, Image and PDF Files Online

When you are sending a file to someone as an attachment with an email message, you should ensure that it is smallest possible in file size. This is because of two reasons – first, the recipients of the email message will be annoyed when they see that they had to download a big file after waiting for many minutes and second, the time for sending huge files is also much more compared to sending small size files. So by sending smaller files, you not only save your own time, but you also make the recipients happy.

There are many file type specific compression tools that can reduce the file size of specific files such as JPEG image files or PDF documents. But if you do not want to download multiple file compression programs for many different file types, then you can just use YouCompress – an online app that can compress video, audio, picture and PDF files. It supports the compression of many file types such as MP4, MOV, MP3, PDF, PNG, JPG, JPEG and GIF.


Using YouCompress is very easy. You simply you have to visit the YouCompress website, select the file that you want to compress to upload it. The upload of larger files might take a very long time. After some time, the YouCompress website refreshes and shows you the download link of the compressed file. Along with this download link, it also shows how much the file has been compressed in terms of original file size, new file size and the percent change in the file size.


YouCompress is handy when you have to quickly compress some files. But as your files are uploaded to their server for compression, you should avoid using it for sensitive files containing personal data.

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