Block Keyboard and Mouse in Windows with KeyFreeze

When small kids are around, they always want to play with anything they see – your books, your smartphone, your computer etc. All the small kids love to bang their small hands on the computer keyboards which makes it impossible to watch a movie in peace or talk to someone over Skype. You can hide the remote control of TV, but how do you hide the keyboard of your laptop? The random pressing of keys on your laptop can launch applications, delete files and carry out other unwanted actions.

With the little kids messing around with keyboards and mice, it is a bit helpful if you disable the input devices while watching movies etc. And you can do so very easily using the free Windows application called KeyFreeze. This small program allows you to lock the keyboard and mouse without locking Windows or the screen itself. This way the input devices are disabled while everything else works.


After installing KeyFreeze in Windows, you can launch it from the Start menu and then click on the Lock Keyboard & Mouse button in the tiny KeyFreeze window. It will display a five seconds countdown timer after which both the keyboard and mouse will be disabled. Along with the countdown timer, it will also display the message about how you can unblock the keyboard and mouse once again – press Ctrl+At+Del and then the Esc key.


The application is very simple and has no options that you can configure. Everything is hard-coded and cannot be changed – the hotkey to unblock the keyboard & mouse as well as the countdown timer. But its simplicity makes it an ideal tool to quickly block the input devices after playing a movie for kids, when kids are talking with their grandma over Skype, or when enjoying the latest episode of your favorite TV show on Netflix.

You can download KeyFreeze from