Enjoy P Launcher from Android 9 in Any Android Smartphone

Only a few years ago, major updates for operating systems and popular programs used to come once every year but now they seem to drop in unexpectedly anywhere all round the year. Just a few months ago, Android Oreo was the latest Android version and now Android P (version 9.0) is about to be released by Google. If things go on like this, not many people would be able to have the latest version of operating systems on their devices. But we can always make our old Android phones look like it has Android P installed by using the Android P Launcher which is available from Google Play store. It works on all smartphones that have Android Lollipop (version 5) and above installed.

P Launcher is the smallest and fastest launcher available that can make your smartphone look alike latest modern Android P 9.0 phone, and let you use your phone more efficiently. This launcher comes with many useful features and tools. But since the developer decided to make it minimal and fast, this launcher does not offer a larger number of options like some of the other launchers such as Microsoft Launcher for Android or the Flick Launcher.

Android P Launcher

P Launcher can use any of the third-party icon packs including the ones that your smartphone already has installed. Therefore, you can search Play store for icon packs and install them without any problem. It comes with more than 5000 themes making it one of best launchers as far as the looks are concerned. So many themes can turn even the dullest looking phone into really beautiful devices.

One of the interesting features in this launcher is the feature of locking all the items in the launcher. This is very helpful when your little ones are handling your phone – now they won’t be able to accidentally make a mess of the various icons and shortcuts in the launcher – because everything is locked.

You can  get P Launcher for Android 9.0 from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xappteam.p.launcher.