Clean Unwanted Software from PC with G DATA Clean Up

As you continue to use your Windows PC, it starts to accumulate all kinds of unwanted things such as the unnecessary toolbars, adware and the potentially unwanted programs (PUP). Most of these come piggy-backing with legitimate software installers. Unbeknownst to the user, these get installed and keep running in the background – harvesting your personal data, displaying ads everywhere, and even wasting your internet bandwidth.

There are many tools that can detect and remove such nuisance from your PC. The popular German antivirus vendor G Data is now offering such a tool called “G Data Clean Up”. This tool is designed to scan your PC and remove the found adware, toolbars, plugins from your web browser. It can also remove many programs that fall under the category of PUP (potentially unwanted programs). Some of these PUPs are installed on your PC without any option for uninstalling. Using the G Data Clean Up tool, you can get rid of some of the known PUPs.

G DATA Clean Up

After launching G Data Clean Up, you have to click on the Scan Computer button which make it go through various parts of your hard drive to look for the unwanted items. The scan goes on for many minutes after which you can see the results and choose to remove the displayed items. Caution must be taken when removing PUPs as what it is thinking to be a PUP might be a program that you have been using for years. However, if nothing is found then you are shown the message – “Nothing unwanted could be found on your system”.

G DATA Clean Up

Because it is a portable tool, G Data Clean Up should be used by everyone to find if their Windows PC has one of those unwanted programs running without their knowledge. In just a few clicks, it can remove adware, toolbars, plugins and other potentially unwanted programs from your Windows PC.

You can download G Data Clean Up tool from