Remove Malware from Any Computer with G Data BootMedium

German security firm G Data offers a bootable ISO image that you can use to create a bootable media such as USB pen drive, CD or DVD and then it can be used to remove malware from a computer that is already infected by malware to such an extent that it is unable to boot normally or it is impossible to remove the malware from within the installed operating system.

Previously, it was knows as G Data Boot CD because at the time people could create only a bootable CD. But times have changed and not many use blank CDs anymore. So keeping up with times, they have renamed it as G Data BootMedium. The download is still in the ISO file format, but you can use a tool like Rufus to create a bootable USB drive.

After booting from the G Data BootMedium you are shown options for starting the G Data Antivirus or to restore the files from backups created using G Data Backup. Only the G Data product users can use the second option. But everyone can run antivirus to scan their hard drives and remove the malware.

G Data BootMedium

When the G Data Antivirus screen appears, first thing you should do is update the virus definitions followed by selecting the Options tab and selecting the option to Disinfect if possible. This will make it remove the virus infection during the scanning and will save your time. Without this option, you will be shown a list of infected files and you will have to manually choose to disinfect them.

G Data BootMedium

There are three options for scanning your computer – you can scan the entire PC (all the partitions), you can select which files or folders to scan and you can scan only the boot sectors. It is recommended that you perform the scan of the entire computer. It will take a very long time, so you can order a pizza and watch your favorite youtuber in the meantime.

When it finds malware, it will either auto-disinfect them or give you options to disinfect or quarantine them. In the end, you will have a malware free computer. If the malware had damaged some system files, then you may have to repair operating system files either using backups or using the OS installation media.

G Data BootMedium

G Data BootMedium works on all computers regardless of the operating system installed on them. We even scanned a Macbook Pro using it with success. It can be a life saver when your organization or home computers have fallen prey to malware.

You can download G Data BootMedium from