Configure Microsoft Peripherals with Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center

Microsoft has been manufacturing high quality mice an keyboards for Windows users since 90s. Back then their input devices were very simple, for example, their standard PS/2 mechanical rolling ball mouse with only two buttons was very popular in late 90s. But since then they have added very advanced input devices that provide features not found in many devices of other hardware manufacturers.

If you own a Microsoft mouse or keyboard or both, then you can make the most of your investment using Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center. It is a software that takes care of all the needs related to Microsoft mice and keyboards – it provides device drivers for almost all of the Microsoft mice and keyboards so that you can use all the features of these devices. Before this Microsoft used to offer IntelliPoint and IntelliType software, but this new software has superseded both IntelliPoint & IntelliType but at the same time does not support all the older mice and keyboards (for them, you still have to use IntelliPoint and IntelliType).

Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center

In addition to providing official device driver software for all the Microsoft mice and keyboards, it also allows you to set up and configure both mice and keyboards from within the same program. Only through this software, you can achieve the most out of your Microsoft input devices as it allows you to configure various actions for different mouse buttons.

After the installation, this software detects your mice or keyboards by itself and continues to install all the required device drivers for them. Afterwards, you can access the software from the Start menu and if create configurations for various usage styles. For each configuration, you can set actions for mouse buttons and of course, it allows you to quickly switch configurations.

You can download Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center from