How to Turn on Night Mode in Samsung Internet Browser for Android

Samsung, like many other leading mobile phone manufacturers, creates its own apps tuned to make the most of the Samsung Galaxy devices. Among these apps, some of the apps are designed to work only on the Samsung smartphones while others are available for everyone via the Google Play store. For example, Samsung Internet browser is designed for Galaxy but works on all the smartphones and can be installed through Google Play store. This web browser is based on Google Chrome but provides some extra features such as the Night mode feature that makes your web browser dark as well as changed the webpages to have a darker look.

Night mode feature of Samsung Internet is great when there is not enough ambient light or when you are trying to reduce the stress on your eyes. Here is how you can quickly turn on the Night mode in Samsung Internet browser for Android:

  1. Launch Samsung Internet browser and tap on the small hovering menu icon near the bottom-left corner.
  2. From the menu select Turn on Night mode.Samsung Internet Night Mode

Another way to turn on the night mode is from the app menu itself. You can tap on the app menu and select Turn on Night mode from there as well.

Samsung Internet Night Mode

As can be seen from the screenshots above, the night mode feature not only changes the web browser interface but also makes the website have a darker look. This works on all the websites that we have tested, and we have tested a lot of websites. Some people might be curious what will happen if the website is already dark? Will the night mode make it even darker than it actually is? The answer, as you can see yourself by loading, is that actually on the darker themed websites it flips the colors to bring out the contrast between the various portions of the webpages.