DriverHub : Install or Update Drivers in Windows Easily

We have all gone through the miserable time when we had to look for the device driver software after reinstalling Windows. Sometimes the official website of the motherboard or other devices manufacturer does not have the drivers, sometimes the drivers don’t work or are meant for some other device, and sometimes the drivers break Windows leading it into the feared blue screen of death (BSOD). I have actually bought some driver disks from eBay after spending days searching for them on a number of websites.

You can avoid all the annoyance usually associated with finding and searching for the driver software by making use of the free software DriverHub. It can scan your Windows computer, finds any drivers that are not yet installed for various devices, finds if any of your device drivers are outdated and then offers you to download and install the latest versions automatically.

After scanning you PC, it will show you a list of all the devices for which you can fetch newer driver software. You can select the drivers that you want to download and click on the Install button to start downloading and installing them. Everything is done automatically and after the installation is complete, you can reboot your PC to load the new drivers.


When it updates the drivers, it first creates a backup of the older drivers. If, for any unforeseeable reasons, the newer drivers do not work as expected or cause problems with the normal working of the Windows operating system, you can restore the previous versions of the driver software and resume the normal operation of the computer at the click of a button.

DriverHub is a very smart and fast driver install helper software for Windows users. It fetches drivers directly from the OEM servers and is therefore very reliable.

You can download DriverHub from


  1. I’ve been using this for a for months now and it works very well. Often the driver updates it finds are sourced from your computer manufacturer, e.g. on a HP laptop it may offer a touchpad driver supplied by HP, rather than the latest one from the touchpad manufacturer. This is good.

    The only problem at the moment, is that on some computers, it wants to install generic IVT Bluetooth drivers (which often don’t work), rather than the proper drivers from the manufacturer of the Bluetooth hardware. I notified the developers of the issue, a few months ago and am still waiting for the issue to be fixed.

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