Fast Clean for Android : Cools CPU, Cleans Junk & Saves Battery

Fast Clean app for Android is an all-rounder app that can save your Android smartphone from all sorts of troubles. If your smartphone has accumulated lots of junk files and you have started to receive message from the Google Play store about an app installation error due to lack of space, Fast Clean can remove all the gunk and the unnecessary files to make space for your new apps.

If your smartphone gets too hot to hold in your hands, then Fast Clean can cool down the CPU to make it much easier to hold. If your smartphone seems to run out of the battery juice very often and you are constantly looking for a place to plug-in your travel charger then Fast Clean can make your battery last longer eliminating the frequent need of recharging your phone’s battery.

The app shows up a blue screen with a big button labeled Boost Now – you tap on this button and it frees up the RAM of your device. All the other modules are displayed near the bottom edge of the screen. You can launch Junk Clean, CPU Cooler and Battery Saver from there.

Fast Clean

Junk Clean feature looks through a number of places on your phone’s storage area and can help you get rid of unwanted cache, ADs cache, useless APK packages, leftover junk files, and also cleans up your RAM. It shows you all the junk it has detected, you can make a selection and clean it.

The CPU Cooler feature does not take any further input from the user. You just launch it and it will display a 1 minute timer – when the timer hits the 1 minute mark, it will automatically stop some of the background processes to reduce the load on the CPU which in turn will make CPU cooler.

Battery Saver works in the same fashion. There is nothing to be done other than launching this module. You will soon see the message that your device has been optimized for a longer battery life. There are no settings to configure and nothing else to be done. Everything is done automatically for you.

Fast Clean

Fast Clean app combines all the features that usually Android users want. So instead of installing three different apps, you can use just one app – Fast Clean which does a good enough job of cleaning junk, optimizing battery life and keeping your device cool.

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