ManyProg Startup Manager : Control Auto-starting Programs in Windows

Some programs put themselves in the auto-startup entries so that whenever you start your Windows computer, these programs also get automatically launched. While some of these programs are very helpful and are installed by your permission, some of them are really unnecessary and are installed without your permission. In fact, some of these programs just keep running in the background, wasting your system resources and making your computer slow to respond.

Sure you can scan your Windows PC with a good antivirus or anti-malware, but these programs are not detected as malicious and not removed. If you want to get rid of these, then you have to manually disable or remove them using a startup manager like ManyProg Startup Manager which is a free startup manager for Windows.

This program is designed using Oracle Java and does require JRE in order to work. But the setup package comes with JRE 6 packed inside it so even if you have not installed JRE in your Windows PC, it will continue to work.

ManyProg Startup Manager

It has a very simple interface and displays all of the detected auto-startup entries for your PC in a list. For each of the entries, it displays the program name, the command line used to launch it and the location of the startup entry.

You can select one or more of these auto-startup entries and then select one of the actions to be taken from the Startup Manager window – enable, disable and remove. You can even export the entire list of the startup entries to a file. The file can be CSV, HTML or a plain text file.

ManyProg Startup Manager is very simple program for managing your Windows PC’s auto-startup entries. It would have been great if it was designed to be portable and could backup the entries.

You can download ManyProg Startup Manager from