HackNotice Alerts About Mass Data Leaks and Hacks

Hackers are always targeting vulnerable systems of individual users as well as some of the large organizations. When they attack large organizations, sometimes they dump all of the stolen databases on the internet making all the information public and putting the accounts of millions of users at risk. When such data is leaked, you have to quickly take action, change the passwords and other security related settings. But before you can take action, you have to know that data has been leaked or a website has fallen to prey hackers.

You can now use a free service HackNotice to alert you about the various these website hacks and the data leaks. It is a Chrome web browser extension and is also available for Android and iOS. In order to use HackNotice, you must create an account which can be created quickly using an email address and a very strong password. It is not clear why the account creation is necessary.


After installing the extension in Chrome browser, you have to sign in using your account and create a “Hack Watchlist”. This list contains all the services and websites about which you want to receive all the alerts. If any one of these sites are hacked or their data is leaked then you will be alerted as soon as the information becomes available. You can either add custom domain names of various websites or simply select the pre-configured sites.


The extension also checks if the security credentials about any of your email addresses have been leaked. For this, you will have to add your email addresses to another list called Identities. If one of your email addresses is part of a data theft, you will be notified and can change your password quickly.


HackNotice is helpful to keep all of your account safe even in the case of massive data leaks and hacks. When it alerts you about these events, you will be able to quickly change your security preferences and keep yourself secure.

You can get HackNotice extension from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/hacknotice-extension/kbjanbmmokbpaibafdgehgkpncpdjbpf?hl=en.