Hallo Northern Sky : Virtual Planetarium for Windows and Linux

Invention of electric generators and electrical lamps turned all the cities into always brightly lit places. But this also made it impossible to look at the sky using an ordinary telescope and find the various celestial objects like the astronomers had been doing for centuries. Only very common and very bright objects in the sky can be observed using ordinary telescopes. If you want to find the quickly, then you would need help from a professional software called Hallo Northern Sky (HNKSY).

It is a very comprehensive planetarium software that can be used on Windows and Linux. It can make life easy for hobbyists and experts both. If you have an ordinary telescope, then you can enter your coordinates in the software and it will instantly display the sky as observed from your location on Earth. You can find not only the planets and there satellites but also all the major stars, constellations, clusters, deep sky objects and more.

If you have an advanced telescope that supports INDI or ASCOM interface, then you can control your telescope using Hallo Northern Sky. After connecting your telescope, you can find any object in Hallo Northern Sky, right-click on it and choose a number of telescope control options. This way you can quickly look at the various objects in the sky through your telescope without having to manually find them.

Hallo Northern Sky

It is able to access a number of online star databases such as GAIA DR2, UCAC4, NOMAD and PPMXL star catalogues. It is able to track comets and asteroids with a very high accuracy level as the data is fetched directly from the internet. It can also display the position of asteroids and comets for future time with great precision.

Hallo Northern Sky (HNSKY) is an extremely useful application that turns your computer into a virtual planetarium. It will appeal to all the fans of astronomy, and may also be an indispensable tool for space exploration using your telescope.

You can download Hallo Northern Sky from http://www.hnsky.org/software.htm.