Comodo Dragon : Secure Web Browser for Windows

Back in 90’s perhaps the Microsoft Office was the most used application on a Windows desktop computer. But in today’s times, a web browser is the most used application. Even Microsoft Office is available through your web browser in the cloud app format. With so much time spent using your web browser, you need to ensure that it stays secure, prevents malware threats and avoids attack or phishing websites.

Comodo Dragon, a Chromium based secure web browser offered by Comodo, is able to do all that. During the installation, it asks whether you want it to be installed in the portable mode and if you would want to use secure Comodo DNS servers. These servers can be installed for all applications or for the use of Comodo Dragon only. They help you stay safe online with a unique malware domain filtering feature and are able to filter harmful websites and will warn you whenever you attempt to access a site containing potentially threatening content.

Comodo Dragon Browser

The browser itself is based on Chromium and is looks essentially like the Chrome web browser with a few changes made by Comodo to enhance the security. You can see  the extensions added in the browser toolbar – Comodo Drag & Drop Service, Comodo Media Downloader, Comodo Share Page Service, IP/DNS Leak Detector, Enforce HTTPS etc. Apart from these, some of the secure settings can be seen from within the browser options such as secure DNS settings.

One of the features of Comodo Dragon is the virtualization which runs the web browser isolated from the operating system. This ensures that even if some harmful files make their way through the web browser, they cannot affect the operating system in any way. This is more like running the web browser through a sandbox.

Comodo Dragon is definitely a highly secure web browser and should be used by all the Windows users. It gives the same user experience as the Chrome web browser but adds some extra security enhancements.

You can download Comodo Dragon from