How to Enable or Disable Cloud Server in Puffin Browser for Windows

Puffin web browser was released for Windows users last December. Since then it has become much more stable and now allows you to enable or disable the cloud server that is used to load the websites faster. If you do not know, Puffin web browser loads the websites faster by loading them first in their very fast computers and then sends the data of the loaded website to your web browser. This reduces the time spent in all the processing that is usually done by a web browser locally. Furthermore, Puffin cloud servers also compress the data and this save your internet bandwidth.

The cloud server feature of the Puffin web browser not only helps you load the webpages very fast, it also saves your internet bandwidth because the pages are delivered compressed and it also anonymizes your internet activity by accessing the web servers through the cloud servers.

Cloud Server in Puffin Browser

The cloud servers are enable by default and you can easily see the cloud server that you are connected to simply by clicking on the Puffin bird icon in the address bar after opening a website. This will instantly display the cloud server location, its IP address along with your actual IP address and your location. It also displays how much internet bandwidth you have saved by using the compression services of the cloud servers.

Cloud Server in Puffin Browser

But using cloud servers is not a good idea for some sensitive activities such as online banking. So if you want to disable the cloud servers in the Puffin web browser for Windows, you can once again click on the Puffin icon in the address bar and this time click on the flip switch to turn off the cloud servers. Similarly, whenever you want to enable the cloud server feature, you can click on the Puffin icon in the address bar.