Keep Smartphone Junk Free with NoxCleaner for Android

NoxCleaner is an app for Android devices that can clean all the junk files and other left over files that are taking up space on your device. It goes beyond the usual cleaning apps and takes care of removing the junks files from special areas of your Android device such as System cache, application residue, advertising garbage, memory release, application installation package, etc.

As you launch this app, it displays the percentage of total RAM being used, the battery charge level and the battery temperature. In the center it shows the storage size, how much of the storage is being used, and the percentage of the used up storage. You can tap on the Scan button to begin looking for the files that can be safely removed from your smartphone.


After the scanning is finished, you are shown a big list of files discovered on the screen. You can make the selection of which files you want removed. After making all the selections, you can tap on the Clean button and it will remove all the junk files.

But NoxCleaner is not limited to just scanning and cleaning the junk files. It offers other features like deep cleaning and picture management. Deep cleaning is designed to clean files that are otherwise left behind and can clean files from specific apps such as Whatsapp and Line. The picture management feature lets you find similar images, large size images, screenshot images, pictures that were captured blurry, and videos. You can see how much space each of these images are taking up and remove them if you don’t need them.


NoxCleaner is bloatfree, addfree and fast junk cleaner app for Android devices. Through a number of smart features such as junk clean, app management and photo compression, NoxCleaner can boost the performance of your Android smartphone quickly.

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