Kaspersky Security Cloud Free : More Than Just Free Antivirus

People who want to save money by using free antivirus software might end up paying much more money when they get infected by a really mean virus like a ransomware. Using a free antivirus is not much different from playing the deadly game of Russian Roulette and putting your personal, financial and work related information at risk. This is perhaps why Kaspersky, the Russian security giant, has brought forth a free version of their Kaspersky Security Cloud and has made it available for everyone globally.

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free is much more than just a free antivirus – it contains features such as privacy protection, safe money and secure VPN. It is able to protect you from the latest exploits and vulnerabilities found not only in Windows but also in some of the third party programs such as Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Oracle Java Runtime Environment and more.

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

It has special ransomware protection modules that not only block the ransomware that encrypt your files and then demand the ransom money for undoing the encryption, but also the ransomware that lock your computer out completely and demand money to unlock the computer.

It comes with two different antivirus engines – one for scanning the files and another for scanning the web traffic as you browse the internet in your web browser. The web antivirus is also supplemented with an anti-phishing module that can block known phishing domains. For keeping your personal or financial information safe, it comes with a secure encrypted on-screen keyboard that can foil the attempts of keylogger programs.

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

Kaspersky Free Antivirus was released last year around the same time but it turned out to be a very basic antivirus product. Now with the release of Kaspersky Security Cloud Free, they have provided users with much more comprehensive protection. If you want to use a free antivirus, use Kaspersky Security Cloud Free instead – it will protect your important files and also your online life.

You can download Kaspersky Security Cloud Free from https://www.kaspersky.com/free-cloud-antivirus.

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