Make Windows 10 Taskbar Transparent with TranslucentTB

Even if you have the most beautiful wallpaper for your Windows Desktop, part of it is hidden by the taskbar. You can hide the shortcut icons on your desktop and set the taskbar to automatically hide too, but it makes it a little difficult to use programs in your PC.

If you want to display the desktop wallpaper in its entirety on your screen without hiding the taskbar, then you can use the open-source tool TranslucentTB. With this small tool, you can give your Windows 10 taskbar a transparent appearance. It works only in Windows 10 and is available both from Github in the classical application format and from the Microsoft Windows Store as an app.

After the installation of TranslucentTB, your taskbar is instantly switched to the transparent mode. You can see the full desktop wallpaper on your screen and it looks really beautiful. It also places an icon in the notification area of Windows desktop from where you can control when and how the taskbar is to be made transparent.


From the notification area icon, you can set the transparency options for many different scenarios such as when a window is maximized, when Start menu is being opened, when Cortana/Search is opened, when timeline is opened and in all the rest of other cases. For each of these scenarios, you can choose separate modes for taskbar – normal mode, clear mode, opaque mode, blur mode or the fluent mode. You can also enable or disable transparency for any of these cases if you want.


The blue mode makes taskbar blurry, the clear mode makes it transparent, and the normal mode makes it look like regularly the taskbar looks. There is also an option called “Dynamic Windows” which will make the taskbar alternate between the blur mode and the clear mode to match the current windowed mode.

TranslucentTB does not add to the productivity of a Windows PC, but it sure makes your screen look larger and prettier by making the taskbar transparent.

You can download TranslucentTB from