WD Backup : Easy Backup Software for WD Portable Storage Owners

These days everyone has one or more external portable storage devices that you can either connect to your computer through a USB data cable or through WiFi network. And if you have any of the Western Digital portable storage devices, then you can use their free WD Backup software to store the backups of important files or entire partitions on it easily.

WD Backup is designed to make things very easy for everyone. After the installation, it can be launched from its desktop shortcut whereupon it places a familiar Western Digital icon in the notification area. You can then choose all the various options from this notification area icon such as configure a backup, restore from backup, settings etc.

WD Backup

The settings options selected from notification area icon displays only a window from where you can select backups and restore options. There are no options to configure other than this. If you choose to configure a new backup, then you can select one of the detected WD portable storage devices or Dropbox cloud storage account.

WD Backup

In the backup configuration, you can choose the backup schedule (every hour, every day, every week or every month). You can also choose folders or partitions that you want to include in the backup. Immediately after the configuration, the selected backup is started and later repeated as specified by the schedule settings. You can create multiple backup configurations as needed.

WD Backup

WD Backup does an incremental backup – every time you disconnect and reconnect either your backup storage device or the device containing files being backed up, the WD Backup software rescans the backup source device for new or changed files carries out the backup as defined by the configuration.

Even though it is meant only for the WD portable storage devices, WD Backup is a very easy to use backup solution for Windows computers. It performs scheduled, incremental backups and can restore files from previous backups too. Other than the WD storage devices, it also supports backup to Dropbox cloud storage.

You can download WD Backup software from https://support.wdc.com/downloads.aspx?p=249&lang=en.