Monitorian : Adjust Screen Brightness from Notification Area

In the laptop or notebook computers, it is very easy for you to adjust the screen brightness of the in-built screen from the notification area – just click on the battery icon and change the screen brightness. But if you have attached an external monitor or other form of display, then you have to use the physical controls present on the monitor itself to adjust the screen brightness.

An open-source app called Monitorian can help you easily adjust the screen brightness from the notification area of the Windows desktop for all kinds of monitors including the external display screens. In fact, it is specially useful if you have attached external monitors.

Monitorian adds an icon to the notification area of Windows desktop. Using this icon, you can control the screen brightness of multiple monitors attached to your Windows computer either through a cable or through a wireless network. This small application lets you adjust the brightness of up to 4 monitors with simple slider controls from your system tray.


You can right-click on the Monitorian icon to view some of the settings that you can choose. For example, you can select Enable moving together option so that you can move the screen brightness sliders simultaneously if you want to adjust the screen brightness of all the screens at the same time.

You can select Start on sign on to make it automatically run at Windows startup. The Use large buttons option is useful if you have large size screen as it displays large buttons for adjusting the screen brightness. The option Show adjusted brightness will display the adjusted level of brightness on the slider control of a particular screen.


While Monitorian is able to automatically detect your monitors’ model & manufacturer to give label them accordingly and but you can also customize the labels by clicking your mouse on the name until it becomes editable and then typing in your custom labels.

Monitorian helps change screen brightness of one or more monitors easily from the system tray icon. It is useful if you use three four monitors attached to your Windows PC.

You can download Monitorian from