Create Personalized Emojis with Google Gboard Keyboard App

Emojis are everywhere and the have now become an essential part of expressing your emotions when texting or sending messages to your friends. In both Android and iOS, you can use Google’s keyboard app called Gboard to enter emojis in your texts or messages. But with the latest update of the app, now you can create individual emoji stickers based on yourself.

These new user created stickers or emojis are called Gboard AI Minis and are very similar to Apple’s Memoji. Now it has become possible to create individual stickers that are based on the face of the user. As of now, this new feature has been released only for the Apple iPhone users. Android users might have to wait a little longer to enjoy this new Gboard feature.

In the current version of Apple Gboard app for iPhone, it has now become possible to create personalized stickers from your portrait photo. Google’s new individual emoji service is very similar to the Apple Memoji and Snapchat Bitmoji.

Gboard AI Minis

In order to create the Gboard AI minis, you simply have to create a selfie of your own face in the Gboard app. Only in a few seconds you will then independently see newly generated stickers. However, one should not expect likeness to your as if some artist has created the emoji by hand. The stickers created by board look more like pictures that are created by an elementary school kid. Whether it’s the new emoji feature or the real-time translation, the integrated Google search or the handy panels for quick selection and editing for text: writing on the smartphone has become much more comfortable.

Gboard app for Apple iPhone

Gboard app for Android