Network Monitor II Displays Realtime Network Info in Windows

When you are using your PC and suddenly the internet does not seem to work, you have to open a number of command line windows, check Windows settings and open browser windows to see what is working and what is not. A small Windows gadget called Network Monitor II can save your time and make things easier if you want to see the current realtime network status.

Network Monitor II is a free and small gadget for the Windows desktop, displaying all the most important information and parameters of the Internet connection. The program is compatible with both wired (cable) and wireless (Wi-Fi) networks.

Network Monitor II displays the external and internal IP address, as well as provides additional information about the network card and its parameters, that is, the MAC address, IPv4, IPv6, gateway, WINS and active DNS servers. All of this information is reported dynamically and is updated every second.

Network Monitor II

Network Monitor II is an indispensable gadget for users who need to find out their current IP address. Since it displays both the external and internal IP address for your PC, you can use it to know how to access your router’s web interface or to configure some server running from your PC. It is worth adding that the program automatically updates IP addresses when you restart the server or connect to the Internet. In addition, the application reads the speed of downloading and sending data. Shows the exact amount of data transferred on the desktop.

The gadget works in Windows 7 without any problem. It reminds of older versions of Bitdefender Internet Security that used to display such information from the system tray. In Windows 10, you may have to use a third party tool to be able to use the gadgets as Microsoft’s official support for gadgets has been discontinued.

You can download Network Monitor II from