How to Disinfect Computer with Comodo Rescue Disk

If malware infection has made home in your computer and is making it impossible to run any anti-malware tools then you have to use a bootable rescue disk offered by many antivirus firms such a Comodo Rescue Disk. The advantage of using a rescue disk like the one offered by Comodo is that you run boot from the rescue disk into an operating system loaded from the rescue disk itself. This makes it very easy to scan and remove the malware present on the hard drive of your computer.

Comodo Rescue Disk offers two modes of operation that you can select at the boot screen – text mode and GUI mode. In the text mode, you can run scan your computer for malware and remove them. There are three modes of scan – smart scan, full scan and custom scan. Since Comodo has to download malware database, there is also an option for configuring network too. But nothing else is available in the text mode. It is great for quickly scanning and disinfecting any PC.

Comodo Rescue Disk

In the GUI mode, you can use Comodo Cleaning Essentials just as you would in Windows or Mac. Three modes of scans (smart, full and custom) are available. Before the scanning, it will download 300+ MB of data from Comodo servers so that it can detect even the latest of the malware. It is recommended that you run a full scan for complete removal of any possible malware infection.

Comodo Rescue Disk

The GUI mode offers some other tools that you can access from Applications menu on the top – Terminal, File Manager, Network Settings, Midori Web Browser and Screen Capture. All of these programs are very helpful for making changes in your hard drive and removing the malware or reversing the changes made by malware manually.

Comodo Rescue Disk

Even though it also includes Midori web browser which is to be used for browsing the internet as suggested by Comodo on their website, the web browser is very old and is unable to access websites over HTTPS. Because now almost all the mainstream websites are using HTTPS, Midori web browser cannot really be used. If you want to access some website during disinfection of your PC, then you can either use your smartphone or use a live Linux distro such as Puppy Linux.

Comodo Rescue Disk

After removing malware detected by Comodo Rescue Disk, you should be able to boot back into your computer. The first thing you should do is install a good antivirus software like the one offered by Comodo itself –

You can download Comodo Rescue Disk from

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