Play Quake Champions for Free on PC

Quake changed the way people played first person shooter games on their PC back in 1998. And after 20 years, the Quake fever is still making people spend hours in front of their consoles and computers. A sequel to Quake 4 and obviously inspired from Quake Arena III, Quake Champions has become immensely popular among the Quake fans both from the older and newer generations. It is a fast paced arena shooter just like Quake Arena III and allows you to take the roles of one of the “arena champions”.

The game play resembles Quake Arena III but the addition of the new “Champions” concept gives it a new twist. These champions are quake warrior characters and all of them are unique in the way thei fight. They all have a different style of attack, defense, attributes and abilities. With a range of different champions to choose from, the players can make their own strategy to play the game, defeat other players and eventually win the match.

Quake Champions

Earlier Quake Champions was a paid only game, but after the immense success of free-to-play model adopted by Fortnite : Battle Royale, Quake Champions has also adopted the same. You can play the limited version of the game for free on your Windows PC but you are allowed only two champions. If you want to get more champions then you will have to buy them. You can buy individual champions or a big champions pack.

The free-to-play version of Quake Champions is available from Steam or from Bethesda. For both of these, you have to first install the client on your PC and then download the game data which is around 14 GB. Surprisingly, the game requirements are not that high – you can enjoy this game on any average Windows PC running Windows 7 with 8 GB RAM and a decent GPU.

You can download Quake Champions by visiting