PdfGrabber : Convert PDF to Many Other Formats

PdfGrabber is a software that works on PDF documents and can be used to extract various elements and conversion of PDF documents to other file formats. It works in both Windows and Mac OS. It support PDF conversion to many important document formats such as Word, Excel, DXF, AutoCAD, JPEG, PowerPoint, HTML, eBook and many more. If the PDF files contain images, then it can be used to export the images contained into many different graphics file formats. You can also use it to convert the entire PDF pages into an image file. It does not require you to install Adobe Acrobat or any PDF printer in your system for working.

PdfGrabber has a very simple user interface. You can add your PDF documents in the list just by dragging-n-dropping the files on the PdfGrabber window. After this, you can select one of the output formats displayed on the top, for example, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, DXF, Images, HTML, Text or XML.


More options can be selected from the lower portion of the window – options specific to the file format, page extraction, output location, OCR and more. After the options have been selected, you can click on the Export button to start the conversion process. When the conversion is complete, you can configure PdfGrabber to auto-open the newly created documents using the associated applications, open the folder containing these documents or send them to a specified email address.

PdfGrabber is available in different versions – one version installs a PDF printer on your system and you can then create PDF documents from any application, another version comes without PDF printer. The demo version of PdfGrabber adds random x in the text, otherwise it works without much restriction. For removing this restrictions, you can buy the full version of PdfGrabber.

You can download PdfGrabber from https://www.pixelplanet.com/pdfgrabber/.