Seed4Me : Fast and Secure VPN for All Platforms

VPN access is slowly becoming an essential service for all the security conscious internet user simply because a secure encrypted VPN server can provide you online privacy, security and anonymity at the click of a button. VPN servers also shield you from man-in-the-middle attacks when using public WiFi networks. Based on the allowed bandwidth, the allowed number of devices and cost of service people tend to choose one or other VPN service provider.

If you want a VPN service that offers a larger number of server locations all over the world, faster and secure connection then you can try Seed4Me. It works on all the popular platforms like Windows, Android, MacOS and iOS. Apps are available for all these platforms from their website. All of these apps are designed to be very easy-to-use. You just have to launch the app, select one of the server locations and tap on the Connect button.

Seed4Me VPN

Similar to making the VPN connection, disconnecting the VPN connection is also very easy. You can tap on the Disconnect button to stop using the VPN service. Unlike some other VPN services, Seed4Me automatically reconnects to VPN in case of disconnection making sure that none of your data is leaked.

Depending on your own location and the location of the VPN server, your connection speed will vary. But in all the cases, the connection is always encrypted. This makes it an ideal choice when you are using public WiFi such as available in restaurants, hotel rooms, coffee shops, fast food chains, train stations, airport etc.

Seed4Me VPN

Seed4Me VPN is not really free and it gives you only seven days of free & unlimited VPN access. During these seven days you can try and test how the VPN server works and whether it fulfills your VPN needs.

You can get Seed4Me download and install apps from