Sound Enhancement Extension Improves Sound Quality in Chrome Browser

These days, we are consuming more music through web browsers than through any specialized apps or through music players. Even on online video websites, many official music publishers are putting music videos of various popular performers. But unlike a music player application, you cannot adjust the sound settings for a web browser. You are forced to consume the music as it is supplied to you through the web browser.

But if you are a Google Chrome web browser user then you can use the Sound Enhancement extension to have complete and full control of the sound being played through your web browser. This extension adds an equalizer to Chrome of its own.

After installing the Sound Enhancement extension in Chrome, it will place an icon the in the browser toolbar clicking on which you can open this equalizer. This works just like the equalizer in any other media player. You can either choose from pre-made profiles for the equalizer or manually change the equalizer bars to get the perfect sound experience.

Sound Enhancement for Chrome

You have full control over the ups and downs of the sound when you listen to music in the browser – it does not matter what the source of the sound is – it could be an MP3 file, video livestream, video files, or some other source. You can click on the Reset to open a list of presets that you can select – Bass, Electronic, Classic, Jazz, Pop, Voice, Dance and Rock. These presets do not stay active across the tabs or across various sessions. Whenever you want to activate the presets for sound playing in Chrome browser, you have to select these presets all over again.

There is also a convenient Enable/Disable button in the equalizer through which you can easily disable the Sound Enhancement extension if you want to use the default settings of Chrome.

You can get the Sound Enhancement extension for Chrome browser from