Speedtest for Windows : Test Internet Speed on Desktop

When you pay dearly for that fibre optic internet, you want to know that your ISP is delivering on its promise and you are getting the best download speeds everywhere in your workplace or home. The best known way to do this is to visit Ookla’s website and use their speed test web app. But if you want to check the internet speed very often, perhaps to see how the speeds go up and down during various hours throughout the day or at night, you can use the Speedtest Desktop tool on your Mac and Windows.

Speedtest for Desktop is a small tool for testing your internet speed. It is exactly the same as the web app offered by Ookla and is powered by the same technology – only difference is that you can launch it from your desktop and that it keeps a history of previous Speedtest results so that you can compare how and when you get the best download or upload speeds.

Speedtest for Windows/Mac

As you launch the Speedtest tool, it shows your ISP name along with an automatically selected test server close to your location. You only have to click on the Go button and it will then perform the speedtest in real-time. The analog meter will show its needle moving as the download and upload speeds are tested. After the test is complete,  you are displayed the ping time, download speed, and the upload speed.

You can see the history of previous speed tests in the list. You can order the historical results by the best download speed, best ping time or the best upload speed. You are also shown an average of all the speed tests giving you an average value of download or upload speeds. You can click on the small upload icon to copy the link of screenshot that you can share with friends, on forums or blogs.

Speedtest for Windows/Mac

Speedtest for Desktop saves time when you want to check your internet download and upload speeds. It is the only tool you will ever need to test your internet speeds.

You can download Speedtest for Desktop from http://www.speedtest.net/apps/desktop.

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  1. Speedtest is a great online tool for checking the internet speed. However their are many alternatives to it which eventually run on the same emulation. Like you have said, when you google the first website that comes up is the site of speedtest.net which shows how popular tool it is. Thanks for sharing. Keep us updated with such tech tips.

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