StrongRecovery : Recover Lost Data from Any Storage Device

When we are using your computer and other portable devices at your home or workplace, we take all the precautions and work patiently when connected the various storage devices. But when you are traveling, we often hurry things up and make mistakes which might end up in the loss of data stored on the memory cards, pen drives, portable USB drives and so on.

With the help of the StrongRecovery software, you can quickly recover lost data from any of your storage devices. It works with all types of media such as hard drives (HDD), solid state drives (SSD), memory cards, portable external drives, USB pendrives, camera and mobile phones. It can recover data from the memory devices for all the known partition types and even if there is no partition on the storage device.

It warns you not to store, download or extract StrongRecovery on the partition or drive from where you want to recover the files. This is because creating or copying files on a drive usually overwrites the deleted files and they become irrecoverable. When you launch StrongRecovery, it shows the same warning in the window.


You can start by selecting a partition or drive from the list. It auto-refreshes the list as you attach new drives. If you have lost your files on the system drive (on which operating system is installed), it also offers option to create an image of the drive so that you can analyze it later.

After the selection of the drive, you can click on the Next button and it will start to scan and analyze the drive. You can select a filter to show only type of file that is recoverable (graphic, audio, video, office or system). Once the files are listed, you can select and choose to recover them to a different drive.


StrongRecovery is a portable and efficient utility to recover files from any type of storage device having any known partition type or even without any partition. It is very useful as you can use it without installing on the target computer.

You can download StrongRecovery from