Cmder is Enhanced Console Emulator for Windows

Cmder is an open-source enhanced console emulator for Windows. It comes with support for all the popular consoles including the cmd.exe, PowerShell and bash. Furthermore, it also has full support for git which is useful for the open-source developers who develop Windows applications.

Terminal like apperance

Cmder is based on another open-source console emulator called ConEmu and also combines the visual elements from Clink which is an open-source console emulator but supports only “cmd.exe”. On top of these Cmder packs whole of the library from Git for Windows project which means that now you can use all the Linux commands in Windows. It uses the same visual appearance as you would see for Terminal console in Ubuntu Linux.


Support for Git for Windows

Cmder is portable and is available in two formats – mini package and full package. The mini package does not contain the Git for Windows tools but is a very small download and is great for all the tasks that do not involve using the Git tools or Linux commands. The full package contains everything and can be used for cloning Git projects, for compiling programs that need Linux command and more.

Support for PowerShell and Bash shell

Cmder uses a tabbed user interface and you can use a different console for each of these tabs. For this, you have to click on the small “+” icon and choose a console type from the options. You can choose PowerShell, cmd.exe or bash and you can choose to run it as an administrator or as regular user.


Fully portable

Cmder is fully portable and can be carried on a USB pendrive. This way you would be able to use Linux commands on any Windows machine just by plugging in the USB stick. Furthermore, if you have installed GCC or any other compiler, it can also be invoked from within Cmder.

Cmder is a great console emulator with loads of features, tabbed interface and support for Git. It is an essential console emulator for all the Windows developers who use Git.

You can download Cmder from