Git for Windows Makes Git Management in Windows Easier

Git has become very important for managing medium to large level software development projects. Originally written for Linux systems, now it is being used by developers who prefer other operating systems as well including Windows. Git is a version control and management system that makes it easy for a group of developers to work on a project.

If you are working on Windows systems, then you should use Git for Windows to make it easy for management of your projects. Instead of using a little complicated commands, it helps you to add and manage repositories very quickly through the graphical user interface.

During the installation, it gives users a huge number of options which helps customize the tools and the interface for all different developers. For example, it offers four default editor options – nano, vim, Notepad++ and Visual Studio – depending on which one you are familiar with, you can pick any one of them. For Windows users who have never used Linux, Notepad++ is recommended.

Git for Windows

It installs Git management options in the right-click context-menu for Windows File Explorer. Just by right-clicking inside any folder you can open Git Bash or Git GUI. The former of these is a Linux Bash shell emulator that allows you to run git from command line. This bash emulator is exactly like using bash shell in a Linux operating system and the git command behaves just as it would on a Linux or other UNIX based system.

Git for Windows

On the other hand Git GUI is much better for people who are accustomed to using Windows. Through the graphical user interface, it offers all the same tools that the bash shell does. It is a powerful alternative for Git Bash. Furthermore, it also offers other visual tools that you won’t find in the bash version of git.

You can download Git for Windows from