Convert PowerPoint Presentations into Full HD Video with PowerPoint HD Video

Microsoft’s PowerPoint has become the standard of presenting reports, plans, slideshows and other things in meetings at work or in the school classroom. If you are using showing your presentation using a computer that either has Microsoft PowerPoint or an open-source alternative such as LibreOffice is installed, then you won’t have any problem with your presentation. But if you are working on either dated computers or computers that have incompatible operating system, then you will be forced to first convert your PowerPoint presentation into a format that can be easily viewed on any computer such as a PDF document or a video file.

If you want an easy way to convert your PowerPoint presentation into a full HD video, then you can use the free “PowerPoint HD Video” software. It is a small but very fast and efficient tool for this job. But this tool has certain requirements – for it to work, you need Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, PowerPoint 2013 or PowerPoint 2015 installed on your PC. The developer recommends the 2013 version of PowerPoint. Moreover, you need .NET framework version 4.5 installed for it to work.

PowerPoint HD Video

The interface of the program is very simple. You have to select the PowerPoint file (both the PPT or PPTX files are supported), select the output folder, and click on the Convert button. You can also select some options for the video file such as the frame rate (24 fps, 30 fps and 60 fps are supported), the video resolution (1080p, 2K and 4K) and the video quality (25 to 100). The conversion creates a WMV video file that can be played using any media player such as VLC media player.

PowerPoint HD Video create the video files very quick, but its dependency on Microsoft PowerPoint means that not everyone will be able to use it. In addition, it cannot create more popular video formats such as MP4 or MKV that provide much better quality to compression ratio.

You can download PowerPoint HD Video from