VinylStudio : Digitize Audio Cassettes and Vinyl Records

Technological advances often result in changing the way we consume products. Until the 1970s everyone used to buy vinyl records for listening to the music albums. Then came the audio cassette tapes and people started to collect all the music album cassettes. But CDs and later Apple’s iPod has left those collections of audio cassette tapes and vinyl records standing in the attic.

VinylStudio is a software using which you can easily digitize your old audio cassettes and vinyl records. It can record the music coming from the line in port of your PC and save it as audio files such as MP3, WAV, or OGG. The interface of the software reminds of another audio recording software GoldWave, but is easier to use. All the options available in the single window of VinylStudio might look confusing at first, but as you start using it, you will find the interface designed for the user convenience.

The recording capabilities are designed to make it very easy for you to digitize your old audio tapes or vinyls. It can detect the silence between the different tracks and automatically creates new audio files for all the different tracks. Similarly, it can detect when the needle touches the vinyl record and can start recording the audio stream at the same time.


However, if it is not able to create separate files for each of the tracks, then you can use the Split Tracks tab to split the manually split an audio stream into multiple audio files. You can scan the tracks to automatically find the location from where tracks should be separated. It also displays the waveform so that you can visually locate the end of the tracks.

Since playing the vinyl records or the audio tapes can cause a hiss or humming noise due to old electronics, you would want to remove this noise. VinylStudio has special section Cleanup Tracks that can be used to find and minimize the noise. There are so many filters that can be customized to remove the hissing and other noise.

And once all the tracks have been digitized, VinylStudio can also help you save these audio files to an optical media such as CD or DVD. It is able to create both the Audio CDs and the MP3 CDs. This way you will end up having an audio CD or MP3 files originating from your old vinyl records or the audio cassette tapes.

You can download VinylStudio from