Find.Same.Images.OK : Search for Similar Images on Your Hard Drive

Find.Same.Images.OK is a small tool that can help you find similar looking images on your hard drive. It does not use any online service to find the similarities between the different images. It may come handy if you want to get rid of the duplicate images of various resolutions that are piling up in your hard drive. For example, if you have an original high-resolution pictures from your digital camera and have also saved the resized or rotated pictures for sharing with friends or uploading to social networks, then Find.Same.Images.OK can find all of these images.

Find.Same.Images.OK is able to compare many different kinds of similarities – images that have been resized and their resolution has been altered, images that have been rotated, images with negative colors, images that have been mirrored (flipped vertically or horizontally) etc. In the application’s interface you can choose which of these criteria is to be used when looking for similar looking images. And you can also choose to compare the images using all of these criteria.


Like many other tools developed by SoftwareOK, using Find.Same.Images.OK is extremely easy. You just have to select a comparison type and the folder that contains all the picture before clicking on the Start button. It will display the comparison results instantly. You can click and select on any of the results displayed to see a preview of the similar looking images it has found.


We tested it with a folder containing the same image with negative effect, rotated, flipped, and resized. But it could find only the resized image. We even lowered the comparison similarity percentage to 55% (which is the lowest percentage possible) but it did not find any other images. Perhaps the accuracy of the results will improve in future versions.

You can download Find.Same.Images.OK from