Red Button : Quick Clean-up of Hard Drive and Windows Registry

Red buttons usually mean something serious and often initiate a process that should be used only in emergency conditions. But there is also a software titled Red Button that can be used to quickly remove all the junk files, clean up the hard drive and streamline the Windows Registry to make your PC perform better. Unlike CCleaner, it does not show a list of files on your hard drive or a list of entries in the registry to be cleaned. When you double-click on Red Button shortcut and then click on the rectangular red button, it just cleans up everything instantly.

Red Button

But before you can use Red Button, you must configure it properly. For this, you can click on the Features menu and make selections of various options. All the options are categorized in various tabs – disk cleaner,  registry cleaner, OS components, performance tweaks and data eraser. Under each of these categories, there are dozens of options for those categories. Under disk cleaner you can choose which files to delete and whether to run any file system optimizing tools. From the registry cleaner tab, you can pick which type of orphan data should be removed. In the OS components section, you can remove some of the apps and applications from Windows.

Red Button

The tool also comes with many useful tweaks that can boost the system performance drastically. For example, you can use these tweaks to quickly terminate the hung services and programs, and unload DLL libraries from the system memory, disable visual effects for Windows, thumbnail catching mode, search indexer, and the user account control.

Red Button

If you do not like the installation version of Red Button, then you will be surprised to find a little feature built-inside Red Button software that can be used to create a portable version for yourself. This portable version can be kept on your person in a simple USB pen-drive. Red Button is able to do everything CCleaner can do and it can do some extra things.

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