Firefox Focus : Privacy Focused Web Browser for Android and iOS

Since its inception, Mozilla Firefox has always been a very secure web browser compared to the rest. Many of the security features that we see today in the modern web browsers, exist because of the efforts made by Mozilla through the Firefox web browser. In order to make the internet more secure and to protect users’ privacy, they have now created a far more secure web browser that focuses on privacy called Firefox Focus.

Firefox Focus has been released for the mobile devices only – it is available both for the Android and iOS. This web browser does not keep any logs of your web browsing and deletes everything as soon as switch to a different app. It blocks all the trackers and other third-party services often used by websites to study the behavior of the visitors. Because of all this content blocking, websites seem to load much faster in Firefox Focus. In fact, somebody commented that websites are loading so fast like they used to in early 2000s.

Firefox Focus

When you visit a website in Focus, it immediately displays a “delete” icon on the screen. You can tap on this icon any time to get rid of all the browsing history. After this, Focus is fresh like newly installed and you can browse something else. This is why the tagline of Focus browser is – Browse, Erase, Repeat.

In the settings of the Firefox Focus, you can block all kinds of trackers (ad trackers, analytics trackers, social trackers, content trackers), you can block web fonts, block JavaScript, and block cookies. When you switch to some other app without clearing the browsing data, it can auto-hide what you were browsing but this setting has to be enabled first.

Firefox Focus

With Firefox Focus, you can browse without any tension – it has all the privacy features that one can ask for and it automatically wipes your browsing sessions as you close the browser or switch to another app.

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