Notes by Firefox : Secure Note Taking App for Android

Before the likes of Evernote and Google Keep made it to the daylight, everybody had a trick of their own to save their notes that can be accessed from anywhere. My school teacher once told all students this – email the notes or message to yourself that way you will be able to access notes anytime later from any computer. And I actually had been using this “trick” whenever I had to save something for later. But note taking apps like Evernote changed everything – now it is very easy to take notes, save links and images and access them from anywhere.

And now Mozilla has introduced another note taking app called “Notes by Firefox”. This is still in experimental phase, but works remarkably well both on Android and in the Firefox web browser. The ease and simplicity of Notes by Firefox makes it an indispensable app for all the Android users who often find themselves pulling a pencil and notebook out of their pocket.

Notes by Firefox

For using Notes by Firefox, you have to use your Mozilla account – the same account that you use for syncing Firefox browser settings across various platforms. The user interface in Android version cannot be any simpler. After signing-in, you can tap on the small “add” icon to add a new note. The note can contain not only text but links, emojis, images etc. The list of all the notes is displayed in the app and you can delete any of these notes with the same ease.

Notes by Firefox

All the notes are saved in the cloud through your Mozilla account. If you have installed the “Notes by Firefox” extension in the desktop version of the Firefox web browser, then you will be able to access all of your notes in your desktop PC as well.

You can find the download links and more information about “Notes by Firefox” app at