FTP Voyager : Free FTP Client Program for Windows

Ordinary users who want to download files from FTP servers, do not really need a FTP client as all the web browsers support the FTP access. If you want to download something from FTP servers, you can just browse them in your web browser and download the files as needed. But people who manage websites and have to upload files over to servers do need a good FTP client. These days almost everyone is using FileZilla for FTP access but if you want a little change then you can try the free FTP client called FTP Voyager.

Customizable interface

FTP Voyager has a ribbon bar interface  similar to what you would find in Microsoft Office 2007/2010/2013. From the ribbon bar, you can manage FTP servers, choose various file operations, and change the settings of the program. From the View section, you can change the look of the interface by choosing from a number of styles – Windows XP, Windows 7, Office 2003, Office 2007, Microsoft Visual Studio 8 etc.

Site manager and secure connection support

Just like FileZilla it also offers management of all of your FTP accounts using what it called site manager. In this site manager, you can add sites using a simple interface, using a wizard or by using an advanced but complicated interface. It supports all the three protocols usually supported by FTP clients – FTP, FTPS and SFTP. It does support SSL and TLS (both explicit and implicit) for secure FTP connection.

FTP Voyager

Syncing and scheduling FTP actions

If you want to use FTP servers for backup purpose, then there are synchronizing options available in FTP Voyager. If you want to take an action after FTP operations are finished, then you can configure it for actions such as sending email messages, run programs, delete files, shutdown PC etc. Scheduling of FTP operations is also supported using the FTP Voyager’s in-built task scheduler.

FTP Voyager is a secure and feature rich FTP client for Windows. It is useful for accessing FTP servers both for the advanced users and the beginners.

You can download FTP Voyager from https://www.serv-u.com/ftp-voyager.