MixPad : Audio Recorder and Mixer Software for Windows

Back in the early days of Hollywood, there was no mixing – so all the performers had to record all of their music, their voices and other sounds from the same microphone. If anyone made a mistake, they all had to start all over again. But later the new advancements made it possible to mix the sounds from different sources, so now we can mix together sounds from live performance as well as from the pre-recorded audio files. In the Windows computers, you can use a software called MixPad for mixing together audio streams and live recording. This software can also record from a number of audio input sources.

For an under 5 MB software, MixPad offers very impressive user interface and a large number of features. You can either load the pre-recorded audio files or you can record your own sound from a number of sources depending on your hardware configuration. You can open all these audio streams in MixPad and change  various audio settings for all these different streams separately.


From the MixPad interface, you can pick all kinds of tools for editing, recording, applying audio effects, for mixing the sounds, for working with tracks and so on. Among the various effects that you can apply are – amplify, chorus, compressor, cross-fade, distortion, equalizer, echo, flanger, high-pass, reverb, pitch correction, surround sound, VST, and Auto Duck.

Once you have finished working with a project, you can export it to a number of audio formats such as WAV, MP3, AAC, AMR, FLAC, OGG and RAW), burn the tracks directly to a CD, upload the tracks to a cloud storage service (Dropbox, SoundCloud and Google Drive are supported).

MixPad is a really impressive software for mixing and recording music. The sound quality it produces is as high as possible by your hardware. It works on all popular platforms like Windows, Mac OS and Android.

You can download MixPad from https://www.nch.com.au/mixpad/index.html.