How to Create ISO Image from a Folder, Partition or CD/DVD Using WinCDEmu

WinCDEmu is an open-source tool for mounting and creating the ISO images. In addition to the ISO images, it can also mount other not so popular CD/DVD/Blu-ray images such as NRG, CUE, MDS, MDF, CCD and IMG. A portable version is also available for Windows users but it can be used only for mounting these images. If you want to create an ISO image from a folder, partition or any other type of the storage media, you can install WinCDEmu on your Windows PC.

You can create an ISO image from a folder using the WinCDEmu in the following manner:

  1. Right-click on a folder the files of which you want to include in the ISO image.
  2. Select Build an ISO Image option from the right-click context menu.Create ISO using WinCDEmu
  3. You will be asked where you want to save the ISO image and choose the name of the ISO image.Create ISO using WinCDEmu
  4. WinCDEmu will take only a few seconds in creating the ISO image and then it will show you the informational message – “The ISO image has been created successfully.”Create ISO using WinCDEmu
  5. Dismissing the message does not close down WinCDEmu window from where you can choose to mount the created ISO image in one of the drive letters so that it can be used right away.Create ISO using WinCDEmu

WinCDEmu makes it very easy to create an ISO image from a folder, partition or any optical media. For example, if you have inserted a CD/DVD/Blu-ray disk in the optical drive then you can right-click on it in File Explorer and create an ISO image from it. WinCDEmu can read the boot-sector from the media and can create bootable ISO images. But depending on the type of filesystem present on the media, it may fail to read some files, for example, when an attempt was made to create an ISO image from Puppy Linux CD, it failed to read some sectors declaring them as bad.

You can download WinCDEmu from