How to Quickly Toggle Tracking Protection in Firefox Browser

Mozilla Firefox is perhaps one of the first web browsers offers in-built tracking protection feature so that you can avoid those tracking servers from learning your web browsing behavior. This feature was first offered in the Firefox releases a couple of years ago and since then it has only become more and more sophisticated. Tracking protection feature in Firefox uses a block list which is the same list as used by the popular browser extension Disconnect.

Until now, if you wanted to enable or disable tracing protection, then you had to make some changes in the Firefox options. This means you have to pull out the Firefox menu, select Options from there, select the Privacy & Security section, scroll down to find the Tracking section and then make the changes to various tracking settings.

Firefox Tracking Protection

In the tracking protection settings, you can either disable tracking protection completely, enable it for private windows only or enable it for all the open tabs (both the regular and the private windows). You can also change the blocking list – there are two choices, one is regular list provided by Disconnect and another is strict version of the list.

Firefox Tracking Protection

But in the latest version (62.0) of Firefox web browser, Mozilla has made it very easy for you to quickly toggle the tracking protection from the Firefox menu itself. Now you can click on the menu icon in Firefox and then click on the Tracking Protection flip-switch as it appears in the menu. Using this method, you can enable or disable tracking protection for regular windows – tracking protection for the private windows is always enabled. However, if you click on Tracking Protection in the menu (as opposed to the toggle switch control) it will open the tracking protection settings in the Firefox options from where you can disable tracking protection or change the blocking list used by it.