How to Use New Tab Page Wallpapers in Chrome Browsers

Google Chrome web browser has become 10 years old and on its 10th anniversary (version 69), Google has changed its appearance in addition to adding some new features. One of the new features of the Google Chrome is that you can choose wallpapers for the new tab pages. As of now, this feature is still experimental and perhaps in the future versions of Chrome this feature will be expanded and made available for everyone.

If you want to enable this new feature in Chrome, then you can follow these steps:

  1. First of all make sure that your Chrome web browser is updated to version 69. If your Chrome web browser has not been automatically updated, then you can download the latest version from Google Chrome’s official website at
  2. Launch the Chrome browser.
  3. Open a new tab by pressing key combination Ctrl+T or by clicking on the + next to a tab and you will see a cogwheel icon near the bottom-right corner of the Chrome browser. Clicking on this cogwheel icon, you can view the wallpapers available from Google or you can upload your own wallpaper.Chrome New Tab Page Wallpaper
  4. There are many categories of wallpapers and each of these categories contains hundreds of wallpapers. After making a selection, you can click on the Done button.Chrome New Tab Page Wallpaper
  5. You will see the new tabs display the new background image in a few seconds. You can change this background using the same steps.Chrome New Tab Page Wallpaper

Until now all Chrome users needed an extension to download and set the new tab backgrounds, but starting with the version 69, you do not have to use any extensions to use the new tab page backgrounds. Now you can choose the custom wallpapers for new tab pages from a huge collection provided by Google.

If you have not installed the new Chrome browser for Linux, Mac and Windows from