How to Use Emojis in Chrome Web Browser Easily

Using emojis on a smartphone is very easy – all you have to do is install a keyboard app that supports emojis and use it to enter emojis wherever you want. Google’s own keyboard app Gboard supports all the possible emojis and other effects. But it is a completely different story for desktop computer users – they are stuck with the physical keyboard and if they have to use emojis, they can either use the virtual keyboard in Windows 10 or install all the extensions and add-ons in their web browsers.

But now Google Chrome web browser has made things very easy even for the desktop computer users. Starting with version 69, you can right-click in any text field and choose to enter emojis from a full set of emojis. This means you no longer need any of those emoji extensions anymore that wasted a lot of your system memory anyway.

Emojis in Chrome Browser

When you want to enter emojis in various comments or during online chat in your Chrome web browser, you have to right-click in the text field where you want to add an emoji and select Emoji from the context-menu.

Emojis in Chrome Browser

You will be shown a full set of emojis categorized in a similar fashion as they are shown in the Gboard app on Android. There are recently used emojis, smileys, people, food & drink, animal & nature, objects & symbols and many more. Ability to insert GIF animation is not present as it is in Android, but perhaps Google will add those feature sin the future.

Emojis in Chrome Browser

This new emoji feature in the Chrome browser makes life so much easier and writing emoji embellished text so much more convenient now than before. Surely this feature along will be able to pull the users of other web browsers (Firefox and Edge) to Google Chrome.

If you have not installed Google Chrome in your PC/Mac then grab it from