How to Start MP3 Streaming Server in Windows Easily

If you have a collection of MP3 audio files and want to start an MP3 streaming server in your Windows PC, then you can do so very easily using the free 1by1 directory player. We talked about 1by1 directory player a while ago when we observed that 1by1 is very light music player for Windows and Android. But 1by1 is not just a music player, you can also use it for streaming your MP3 files. And all this is done very easily from 1by1 interface.

Here is how you can go about streaming MP3 files using 1by1:

  1. Download and install 1by1 music player in your Windows PC.
  2. Launch 1by1 and navigate the folders from the left side of the window that contain your MP3 files. Play any one of these MP3 files.
  3. Press F6 to open the 1by1 settings window.1by1 Streaming Server
  4. Select Control → HTTP Server from the left side categories in the settings window.
  5. Choose an IP address for the HTTP server such as The IP address depends on your network configuration and router settings.
  6. Select the checkbox labeled Enable/start HTTP server. This will start both the control and the streaming server.

Now you can access the 1by1 control server from any web browser remotely by entering the IP address and port as you have set in the 1by1 settings in step 5 above. Using this, you can start or stop the music remotely, change the music volume, skip to the next or previous tracks in the playlist etc.

1by1 Streaming Server

You can also enter the URL for the playlist in any music player that supports M3U playlists to start playing the music from the streaming server. For example, you can play the same music in your Android phone by using the VLC media player and opening the URL in it. Of course, this URL will be different for everyone’s 1by1 streaming server configurations.