PenguinProxy : Free VPN for Windows, Linux and MacOS

PenguinProxy is a free VPN service that is not powered by a centralized VPN server but it makes use of the peer-to-peer networks. By installing PenguinProxy on your computer, you can access the internet through the VPN and make use of some other PenguinProxy user’s IP address. And at the same time, you will be providing others access to your IP address.

After the installation in Windows, it shows up a small window from where you can enable or disable the proxy, choose the country location for the VPN, and view the currently selected VPN location. It appears that there are not many users of the PenguinProxy all over the world as you can choose only “USA” and “Any” location for the VPN.


Since it is a peer-to-peer VPN, your internet will also be used for other peers and it will consume your internet bandwidth. In the PenguinProxy settings, you can choose the bandwidth limit from 100 MB, 500 MB, 2 GB or set it to unlimited. You can choose to access only secure sites (accessed over the HTTPS protocol) through the VPN, you can add the domains that you want to access bypassing the proxy and directly through the internet, you can reverse the added exceptions if you want to access only the added domains through the proxy, and finally you can choose to randomly change the IP address through the PenguinProxy.


It also places an icon in the notification area from where you can choose to stop the proxy, refresh the proxy (gets you a new IP address), and show the application window. There is no way to disable or end the proxy from the notification area icon. For disabling the VPN proxy, you will have to open the PenguinProxy app and turn it off from there.


PenguinProxy does not always work and may give you poor download speeds as it relies on the peer-to-peer network. But it is free and you can use it forever without any limitations.

You can download PenguinProxy from