Recover My Files : Data Recovery Solution for Windows

If you are lucky then an accidental press of a key will only result in a typo in your Microsoft Word document. But once in a blue moon, that accidental key-press can lead to deletion of your important documents, treasured pictures and other files that are very important for you. When that happens and you cannot find those files from the backup, then the only option left for you is to use a data recovery software such as “Recover My Files” to recover the files.

Recover My Files covers all the possible circumstances that can lead to data loss and can reverse the loss in order to recover you files. It can recover your data when the files are lost, deleted, emptied the Recycle Bin, when you accidentally formatted a partition, reinstalled Windows, when the System Restore overwrote your files, when the files have become corrupt and more.

When the Recover My Files is first launched, it asks you whether you want to recover a partition or if you want to recover the files from an internal hard drive or the portable hard drive. Depending on your choice, it will take you through a slightly different  path. For the file recovery module, you have to choose partition and then it will be display all the results. And for the partition recovery, it goes through your entire hard drive and then displays a any found partitions that you can recover.

Recover My Files

For all the files that show up for recovery, you can use the file preview tool so that you can know which of the files you are going to recover.  Similarly, you can check the file hashes of different files to know whether the file has already been recovered or if it does not need any recovery.

In our opinion, the software is very good data recovery software. But the free version does not let you to recover the deleted files. Only thing allowed in the free version is to take a look at preview of the deleted files. if you want to recover your files, then you must upgrade and buy the Recover My Files license.

You can download Recover My Files from